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We're thrilled to announce two Division pupils, Aryan and Matthew, have secured spots in highly prestigious summer programmes over the summer holidays.
Aryan will engage in interdisciplinary thinking at UChicago, while Matthew will enhance his intellectual skills at the John Locke Institute in Oxford. Dive deeper into their journeys below as they share their insights.    

The UChicago Emerging World leaders take a selection of students from across the world who share the aspiration to have a lasting impact on the world. We, as students, will participate in many classes that students at the University would usually experience such as profound studies into the College’s distinctive Core Curriculum through texts by Sigmund Freud, Judith Butler, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and Karl Marx. 

We will also have workshops on freedom of expression in which we will be thrown into an open debate where we can express our ideas on controversial ideas plaguing the modern world. Moreover, the UChicago Core Curriculum will plunge us into in-depth studies of a variety of useful subjects, even though we may not study them, including Economics (which I currently study at higher level), Biology and History. 

Regarding the application process, it was quite similar to that of most universities. We were told to report our grades and submit a school-provided transcript whilst also writing essays on 2 questions highlighting to admission officers the key reasons, we wish to attend the program through mention of our extracurriculars, further research and passions. After this we were invited to a “meet and greet” in which we got to know each other, introduce ourselves and talk to some of the staff before our finalised acceptance into the programme. 

Aryan (Divisions) 

Find out more about The UChicago.

I applied for the John Locke Institute summer school programme because I thought that it would help me to develop the way I respond to questions and claims, with well-thought-out responses. I believe this course will challenge me to present and discuss ideas in different ways and will make me more equipped to break down complex notions and come up with insightful and personal responses. 

This course stood out to me as it combined numerous areas of study that interest me, namely politics, economics, and law. I am excited to see how this institute interlinks all these topics and I think that I will become more knowledgeable about things that I enjoy. This course integrates a core curriculum with a choice of six electives, and this appealed to me as it will allow me to dedicate time to fields of particular interest. However, it also gives me the opportunity to explore new areas of study under the guidance of world-class academics. All the professors there will be able to assist me in mastering the topics and themes that I am passionate about.  

The application process was exciting to say the least. It was a two-round process, beginning with a 500-word personal statement, followed by an interview. The interview was unlike anything I could have expected, it was fascinating and gave me an idea of what to expect at this course. I am really looking forward to going on this course and I think it will be a fantastic opportunity. 

Matthew (Divisions) 

Find more about the John Locke Institute programme.

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