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The KES Pentathlon

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The final sporting event of the year will take place during the last week of term, and as ever will be driven by values ever present with KES students; participation, enjoyment and fun.

This week’s event will see the first ever ‘KES Pentathlon’, a five-activity multi-event run remotely. This event is an inter-form event, and so instead of participating for Houses, students are working with members of their tutor groups, in competition with other tutor groups in the year group. This might be the last great experience students enjoy together as a form and a final opportunity to prove the superiority of your form over all other contenders! 

Starting on Monday 29 June and ending Thursday 2 July at 3pm, students and their tutor groups are invited to compete in order to achieve their best scores in each of the five events; a 1km run along with as many sit ups, burpees, chair or bench squats and speed bounces as they can complete in one minute. Students must either video themselves or get a friend or a family member to record them for the full minute in each of the activities. Competitors should also add a screenshot or picture of their 1km run time, and upload this as evidence to the Google Classroom document named ‘THE KES PENTATHLON – PE WEEK 4/4’, along with their name and form group.

Each total score will be added together, along with the scores of fellow tutees to create an overall tutor group score. Students are encouraged to have many attempts at each of the activities, and compete with themselves in order to achieve the highest score they possibly can for their tutor group, however only the best score for each event should be uploaded.

Enjoy competing with yourself and participating for your tutor group. Encourage others and continue to be active!

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