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The view from the (Remote) Classroom

It’s been an irascible week, both globally, and at home. Protests about the death of George Floyd have spread across the world, and triggered a period of reflection for all of us. One of the recurrent thoughts that I’ve had is that we can all try to be better versions of ourselves; however, that also admits that it’s pretty difficult to be the best version of ourselves all of the time, and I think that’s something that my children are increasingly finding over lockdown. What started off as an adventure is now starting to drag for them, making my youngest, in particular, a little bit more sullen, more easily irritated, and quicker to cry.

And yet, that’s alright. Sometimes it’s normal to feel less than inspired; sometimes, when everyone else seems to be coping admirably, we might be struggling. Sometimes, we err. It’s part of being human. So, as we continue to work our way through the coronavirus crisis, I think it’s important to recognise that for all the apparent successes we’ve experienced, not everyone has found it easy, and nor will they continue to do so. And that’s alright. It’s our job to support them, and help them through it.

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