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Horticultural Society

Horticultural Society is a new smash-hit! Anyone from all year groups has access to the Google classroom and the weekly Zoom meetings. Ms Irani leads this society and is free to take suggestions on what to talk about or discuss – so far, we have discussed from chillies to succulents! Whether you have an overgrown garden, or are simply a budding horticulturist, this club is perfect for you. There is a strong sense of cooperation as other boys are keen to answer any queries if they have experienced the problem before. Next week’s discussion will be on how to care for herbs. Following are some of the things that the members of Horticultural Society have been up to:

Above is a picture of Harman Ahluwalia’s strawberries. They are now ripening in the greenhouse. He can tell you that they taste as good as they look!

Here is a moss terrarium by Archie Ryland. He gave the members of Horticultural Society tips and tricks on how to grow our own.

Christopher Churcher shared beautiful pictures of his Schlumbergera truncata or ‘Christmas Cactus’. In Horticultural Society, many boys aim to share their cuttings of plants with other members. Christopher has offered cuttings of this beautiful cactus.

Bobby Brunning planted tomatoes, leeks, onions and basil.

I hope that everyone enjoyed looking at these pictures of what members of the Horticultural Society have done. It is an amazing society where you can socialise, actively learn and gain a hobby. 

Visual Media Society

Visual Media Society meets every week to discuss movies and TV shows. Upon a closer look, you will see that there is so much to movies. Not only do we discuss and review films and shows, we also discuss the Hollywood industry from all viewpoints, looking at the reasons behind the production of a film, and the way the industry works, from a business perspective. 

We regularly host discussions that cover a broad range of topics, including some of the most pertinent, such as how the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the film industry; and how it will affect the industry for years to come. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic has seen a rise in the popularity of streaming services and PVOD (Premium Video On Demand) releases. Some of these alternatives have been incredibly profitable, which is bringing into question the importance of a cinematic release. 

Other topics of discussion include: the rise in streaming and how it will affect all of us going forwards, the demise of risk-taking in the film industry. In addition, we have also reviewed entries from various film franchises, ranging from Star Wars to Marvel, and more. We also conduct rankings and discuss pressing movie news. Finally, we are selecting films to watch during the course of the week, which we will discuss during the following session. 

Come along on Friday lunchtimes for interesting discussion, film reviews and “challenging” quizzes.

Presented by James Corcoran, Henry Ward and Ram Rajesh.

KES now has 33 societies and clubs up and running remotely. Students are encouraged to explore the opportunities available by visiting Firefly.

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