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It seems a long time since the start of virtual term, and I expect all anticipate the beginning of the summer holidays with some enthusiasm, though perhaps with a little trepidation too, as the difference between school time and home time has been blurred for so many weeks.

The recent announcement of an increased relief of the lockdown from the first day of our summer holidays, Saturday 4 July, I hope brings a welcome glimpse of fresh air within reach. Wellbeing Week, which has run this week, has focused on supporting boys as they think about this transition, I hope equipping them with some of the skills, understanding and opportunities that might boost their wellbeing. Articles in this issue of KES Community describe the week’s activities in more detail, culminating in a review of the week with some top tips for supporting wellbeing initiatives throughout the holidays. Personally, I will be looking forward to some weeks of more reading, more walking and re-connecting with friends and family. I expect that is going to be true for many of us. 

In Big School this week I talked about the way in which CAS contributes to wellbeing. There have been many opportunities for boys to participate in recent days, in the astonishing range of societies: Sustainability, Physics and the on-going campaign spear-headed by Enoch Cheung to produce personalised face masks. The support for the community continues to flourish, and supporting others without doubt plays an important part of everybody’s wellbeing.

This is the eighth edition of KES Community; there will be one more before the end of term, and I very much hope in the autumn our communications will continue and be enhanced by what I like to call real-life communication! In the meantime, enjoy reading.

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