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Friday Afternoon Challenge

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Each year, Lord Sugar sets a task in which the candidates on The Apprentice have not only to negotiate the purchases of various items, but also to do so with an added challenge: to race in search of potential places to find them. This has its challenges; locating the items is an exercise and test of logistical skills, but above all it is exciting. 

The KES Friday Afternoon Challenge was likewise an exciting logistical challenge: to get out and about taking photos of ourselves at different local features and to efficiently and strategically locate the 12 features, that ranged from a pub to a war memorial.  

I found it interesting to research architectural features of 1918-1938 houses, also researching and reminding myself that our current KES site was first opened shortly before the Second World War, in 1936. I also learned more about the history of my local churches, including St George’s, built in 1836-38. 

Overall, I found getting out and about, looking for local features, and learning about them exciting in spirit, and I think the logistical challenge of it will have encouraged us all to discover more about our local areas; for me this included the ‘Hall of Memory’ war memorial in memory of the 12,320 Birmingham citizens who died during World War I, St Bartholomew’s Church, and the Vale Park, including the historically named Elgar Court. 

Furthermore, it was beneficial both mentally and physically, I am pleased that I recorded over 11,000 steps whilst completing the challenge. Above all, however, I am most pleased that Mr Bartlett tells me I may be the first boy in the school to have completed the challenge; a success for the mighty ruby red army that is Jeune House.  

Thanks to Mr Bartlett for running and coordinating the challenge, and to Mr James who relayed the challenge to Jeune House. 

Rohan may have been the first boy in the school to complete the challenge – but who’ll be the first in other year groups? And will the members of any House in any year ALL finish the task?! 

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