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Shell Sarem Shabir has really made the most of his CAS sessions, creating online lessons for students across the world who are finding their educational opportunities limited during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Hello everyone, and I hope you and your families are well. In this time of turmoil, so much of our world has been turned upside down: Covid-19 has affected every aspect of our everyday life. Very few things are looking up at the moment. However, there is one thing that, while it has been affected, has not been paused – school.

Take a step back and think – did all schools decide to use Zoom, or other digital meeting platforms, or indeed any form of online education? Fortunately for us, but less fortunate for others, is the fact that KES is in a minority of schools that offered such a provision. I soon began to recognise that many parents struggle to teach their children, so felt that it could be beneficial to aid them in some way. It was at this point the idea of ‘Melon School’ was conceived. 

I have previously dreamt of being a YouTuber. Certainly, my intention was never to do what I have now done – starting and overseeing an educational channel via YouTube. At this early stage, I post simple, short (two to four minute) videos on a wide range of subjects. Thus far, I have covered biology (how plants live), history (colonisation, as well as on Martin Luther King Jr) and some simple writing tips. Melon School was then born, and I have committed to a video every two or three days. It is a tough goal to meet some days, however I manage to motivate myself and consider the service that is being provided to others.

Since the initiation of lockdown, I have gained great pleasure in participating in the co-curricular part of school life. Last half term, I attended Bookworms, which was a very enjoyable experience, even online. Every Wednesday, I attend the History Society, a society I only discovered the existence of when lockdown began. I took the plunge of delivering a talk to the History Society, which, despite my numerous worries, went surprisingly well. In the words of Mr Golightly:

“Most boys mistakenly think that History Society is for older pupils, so it’s lovely to see someone from Shells regularly take part in our discussions and even present to the group on the German Army and Blitzkrieg in 1940 as Sarem did. It was good fun and we all enjoyed listening to him…”

I have been exercising via Joe Wicks, as well as going on walks with my father, and using this great new online PE classroom. It is all an enjoyable experience, overall.

If any students would be at all interesting in taking a look at Melon School or sharing it with friends and family then the link is here

The reception and support thus far from my family and classmates has been overwhelming, and as long as others are happy with my content, so am I.

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