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As we are all aware, it is imperative to stay fit and active during these times as, not only does regular exercise help things like stamina and posture, but it also helps our metabolisms, improves our sleep patterns and can even boost our mood due to the release of endorphins. With the change in our daily lives and routines that Covid-19 has caused, such a hit of positivity and accomplishment every day is very welcome. In addition, keeping fit readies us for when normality resumes and the usual sporting fixtures are rescheduled. 

In light of this, a series of new PE lessons began last week for the Shells to Fourths, consisting of specially curated workouts of the week. This scheme has been designed specifically to enable everyone to participate in each season, due to the differentiated degrees of intensity that will challenge everyone to work with maximum effort as well as the lack of requirement for specialised equipment which is not available to everyone at this time; this ensures that everyone is able to complete their minimum amount of weekly activity at least. Furthermore, the programme aims to encourage everyone to improve on their previous performance each week via keeping records in weekly CAS diary entries, giving students the opportunity not only to reflect on how active they have been, but also to mention any creative activities or acts of service.

Mr Johnson suggests that the best way to get the most out of these workouts is to make a weekly event out of them. Slotting the workouts into your schedule helps to maintain a routine which can help to give a sense of normality in these abnormal times, as well as making it easier to remember to complete them. In addition, having someone to work with (and even compete against) can also help in ensuring you do not miss a session and also work as hard as possible whilst making them a more enjoyable social activity – maybe a family member or a friend via FaceTime.

Finally, Mr Johnson added that the Lockdown PE lessons are generic sessions for the minimum weekly health and fitness but there are a huge variety of other means of staying active. For example, Firefly contains a wealth of resources that will build on these sessions as well as offering sport-specific activities provided by the different Heads of Sport at school. The @kesbirminghamsport Instagram account also contains a variety of posts from boys and staff regarding different activities and challenges they have engaged in during the lockdown. Furthermore, a new socially distant House Competition, the Great KES Race across Europe, will be starting on Monday 22 June, which the whole school community can engage with and will inspire us to get out and walk/run/cycle.

If you have any other ideas of sporting challenges you would like to share, Mr Johnson urges you to reach out to him at

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