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Mindfulness and purpose

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The goal of a good routine is to keep your mental state intact. During this lockdown period, all your previous day-to-day activities and structure have probably disintegrated into total chaos. Although it’s hard, we and the teaching staff urge you to try and find a stable daily routine of your own, which will help you feel more comfortable and steady in this tumultuous time.

You should aim to wake up and sleep at similar times each day, and to try and find space in your day to incorporate some exercise. It may seem like a lot of effort, but the results are worth it! One good method would be to write a list of what you aim to achieve in the day (try not to use timetables as they are too regimented and can be stressful to follow). Leave plenty of time throughout the day for breaks and set yourself reasonable goals, although it can be good sometimes to set yourself a challenge in order to feel a sense of self achievement. 

Having online lessons means that it is not unusual to spend far longer staring at a device than we normally do, we would encourage some of you to try and take a break from screens when you can, especially during breaks or after class, and try some offline hobbies. This could include reading books or doing something totally different like art or woodwork. No matter what you choose, this will help your mind take a break from the constant visual stimulation that has become the norm in quarantine. 

Skill challenge:

  1. Spend an hour a week (split up throughout the week if needed) picking up a new hobby, for example cooking, running or yoga.
  2. Make a note every week on both what you do and when you do it so that you can continue from your previous session.
  3. Send in your results to Mr Browning or KES Sport Instagram account.

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