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National Black History Month: Saluting Our Sisters

It’s October and National Black History Month in the UK, where this year we are celebrating “Saluting Our Sisters”. At KES and KEHS, we have been remembering the unsung black women who have contributed to British history and have made significant changes in the society we live in today.

As our very site, is the home of the 6888 Battalion, an all women unit who made history in World War II by delivering all the indent post worldwide, raising spirits and morale. The Battalion consisted of majority black women; and our students walk the grounds of unsung black women every day. Last summer term, the descendants of the 6888 Battalion visited and the impact of their dedication was truly felt by their presence. Find out more about their recent visit.

Over the last fortnight, resources on prominent black women have been explored and discussed in form times such as listening to a podcast by Paige Leiwin, an advocate for black women’s rights and discussing textured hair, watching Hidden Figures, a film depicting the story of the black women who changed the world at NASA and reading up on prominent UK black women leaders.

Students from the African and Caribbean Society (ACS) have delivered wonderful assemblies at KEHS on British women who have changed history and will be presenting an assembly to Lower School at KES on Friday 20 October.

This week we also had an African and Caribbean bake sale, where students were able to try some homemade puff puff, dumplings as well as Jamaican patties, hard dough bread and buns; all traditional foods from African and Caribbean culture. We hope they all enjoyed trying some traditional treats.

Over the next few weeks, we have more assemblies as well as Dr Stuart Lawrence visiting to discuss discrimination and the effects of racism. He is an advocate in equal rights and the younger brother of Stephen Lawrence, who lost his life to racial injustice 30 years ago in London. We also have a talk on “Hatsheput: The First Female Pharaoh” at Anagnostis Society and a poetry competition which all students are encouraged to enter if they wish to.

As a diverse student cohort, celebrating and engaging in different cultures is so vital to develop into inquisitive and informed students. We hope students have been inspired and able to learn more about unsung black women in Britain as well as thinking about those unsung black heroes in their own lives.

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