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The Rite of Spring: Interview with Ben

We have interviewed one of the members of the KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra about their upcoming performance of The Rite of Spring. Read our interview with Ben (Sixths) below.

What is your favourite thing about playing in the KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra? 

I think it’s definitely the community. In and out of rehearsal I have gained strong and meaningful connections, particularly with my section, and it really feels like a family. But after that I would say that the standard of the orchestra is truly amazing and our ability to play such incredible pieces brings out the best in each of us!

What are some of your favourite memories of playing in the KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra? 

Going to Cleobury is definitely an integral part of the Symphony Orchestra experience. Having that time to just be with each other and live for the music, coupled with the excitement of an upcoming performance, creates an unforgettable experience. Especially when combined with the barn dance!

What is it like to be playing The Rite of Spring in the KES/KEHS Symphony Orchestra? 

Crazy! It’s such an amazingly mad piece and to play it in a school orchestra is truly unbelievable. Nothing has ever excited me more for the spring term!

What are some of the challenges of playing this piece? 

I think it’s definitely the rhythm, but the notes are not a breeze either! I also think that as a school orchestra the process definitely requires patience as it’s so different from all our other pursuits, but I think that the experience and journey in which we persevere and make sense of the piece will make the experience that much more rewarding!

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