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Runners up in robot design

Runners up in robot design

Four boys from the Fifths have been placed runners up in the Midlands Regional Final of the Toyota Technology Challenge.

The Toyota Technology Challenge, aimed at Design and Technology, ICT and Science students, invites students to design and build an environmentally friendly model vehicle. The boys’ robot had to autonomously navigate around a series of obstacles, at which it was the most successful robot on the day and negotiated the furthest distance around the course.

The judges praised the team and robot, and said it was the most technically advanced they had ever seen in the competition. Despite high-praise from the judges, the boys lost out to another team who clinched the victory on their presentation and strong branding.

Congratulations to Alexander Browse, Daniel Clements, Keelan Fadden-Hopper and Leonhard Guenther on all their work for the competition.

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