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School Captain’s thought of the week

There have been several things that I have tried to achieve when writing my weekly articles for KES Community. Sometimes, I try to analyse a situation and show the message that we can take from it. Other times, I try to reflect on my own past experiences and explain what I learnt and how I think we can improve the world around us. The degree of success varies each time and you, the reader, are the true judge of how effective my articles have been. 

But this time, I just want to share a sentiment. Not a message of what we should or should not do. Nor a question that we ought to be pondering upon. But rather a feeling. Something intangible, yet something that can encourage us to try, and drive us to persevere. It is the only thing they say is stronger than fear, hope.

Hope guides us to see the brighter side of our life and it is the force that keeps us going during tough times. As Martin Luther King Jr. put it, “We must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope.” Now, as we ease out of lockdown and return to school, we are faced with a period of time filled with possibilities as well as problems. A period when we can turn challenges into opportunities and fulfil our goals. Let us all be free in spirit. Have courage as we rethink the status quo and strive to make it better. 

Welcome back to school everyone and I hope to see you all soon.

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