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Agora Society

Agora Society is being led by Rohil Aurora this year, with Yusuf Aggour and Easwar Vivekanandan as supporting heads. We have also had a logo redesign to start off the new Agora year! Normally, Agora has a talk every fortnight, and so far we have had three talks during the quarantine period. These talks were Dr Carta on Wittgenstein, Stoicism and the contribution of Epictetus by Mr Moore-Bridger, and most recently, The Necessity and Inevitability of Property Rights by Mr Abbot. Old Edwardian speakers Brian Brown and Donald Eadie will be leading Agora’s next talk, ‘To What Extent is God Responsible for Covid-19?’, which promises to be very interesting. For anyone doing RS, this talk would be especially useful for you!

So far, Agora has coped surprisingly well with using Zoom to do our meetings. Conversation, as always, has been heated and, having to move our meetings to the evening to make sure we can also include KEHS, talks have been much longer and discussion less cut off than ever before. As well as this, Zoom has allowed us to host talks by speakers we wouldn’t have been able to host in school due to issues of distance. For anyone who wants to do philosophy for IB or is just fascinated by the subject, Agora is a must. The opportunity to invite speakers outside the country poses many new and exciting Agora opportunities so keep an eye on our Google Classroom! 

Easwar Vivekanandan

Engineering Society

Hello and welcome to Engineering Society! Led by Aran Bansal and Joshua Bobin, we have been running since 2018, but now we have evolved to become an online society. Thanks to support from the DT Department, we are encouraging you to complete various challenges and join our weekly talks on Mondays from 12.10pm, about the engineering within a car. Until the end of term we will be running a module about the technical features of engines, drivetrain and also touching on some design. If you are interested please join our class. 

We look forward to seeing you in the society.

Aran Bansal and Joshua Bobin

A full list of societies and how to join in can be found on Firefly.

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