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Cycling has become a contentious issue. Under the current lockdown guidelines cyclists are unclear as to how far they can cycle whilst staying within the remit of the guidelines. During the KES cycling tours to Germany we routinely cycled anything between 60-160 kilometres. For me, this could mean cycling from Birmingham to Heathrow Airport!

The online platform Zwift has provided some comfort to those used to cycling on a regular basis. Zwift provides a realistic experience in a virtual world. It features the element of a workout as well as racing, iconic climbs and even mountain biking. It has risen to fame during the pandemic with many professional teams and celebrities now using it as a training platform. Examples include team INEOS as well as Mo Farah. To be able to use Zwift you only need a few essential items: a bike (or treadmill), a trainer, a Bluetooth measurement tool or ANT+, and an electronic device with either Bluetooth or ANT+. The price of Zwift is £12.99 with a one month free trial. However it is free for children until they reach the age of 16.

To join the KES Zwift Society simply check out the Co-Curricular Bulletin for the Google Classroom code. There are weekly Zoom calls as well as group rides. We usually aim to meet during the Friday afternoon periods.

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