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Commencing Wednesday 24 February is Junior Agora, a new society open to pupils from Shells to Fourths. Each week, we will be presenting a philosophical or theological topic of interest before opening it to the floor for a discussion. We hope to inspire an interest in these topics and provide an opportunity for students to express their own views on them.

We will begin with a discussion on whether morality can evolve over time on 24 February, followed by a discussion on the morality of genetic engineering on 3 March. We can assure you a long line of equally interesting subjects will follow in the coming weeks. We also hope to grant students in the lower years the opportunity to lead their own talks on topics they feel passionate about.

We would love to be able to see as many people there as possible, as it should make for very interesting discourse. Meetings will be held every Wednesday after half term from 16:15. The Google Classroom code will be in the co-curricular bulletin after half term. 

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