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Friday Afternoon Challenge update

Friday Afternoon Challenge update

Lots of boys are progressing really well with the Friday Afternoon Challenge – a scavenger hunt activity that aims to get boys away from their computers on Friday afternoons. Some boys deserve extra praise – and bonus marks! – for interesting and innovative solutions.

Mark Bo of Gifford seems to have been making use of the family drone – his L for (a very green!) Lake is taken from a great height!

Tuneesh Mittal of Vardy impressed with U for Underwater – aware that taking something outside specifically to photograph it was against the rules, he came up with this splendid idea!

James Watson of Gifford has been going the extra mile with short films for each letter – although A for Athletics perhaps reminded us why Athletics is a summer sport! Well done James – it’s easier with a sand pit!

Seb Hartley Kite of Heath gave us a reminder of school – P is for Pole or, perhaps, Padding?

Aadi Kotecha of Jeune captured some lovely evening light with his R for Roundabout photo – is the massive form of the QEH on the horizon a reminder of the virus in our midst?

It’s terrific to see boys getting out and about and away from their computers – perhaps half term should be a screen-free zone?!

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