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Food bank continues

Pupils in the Divisions (Year 12) at King Edward’s School, Birmingham take time out of their lunch hour on Friday 27 November 2020 to run a foodbank for local families.

Running the Selly Oak Covid-19 response food bank at King Edward’s was initially a challenge, in September, however once we got accustomed to the situation, we managed to devise a coherent and effective approach to carry out the initiative in a smooth manner.

It looks like we have done that again. After a couple of weeks of convincing the school and authorities, we have succeeded in retaining the operational base for the food bank and we are up and running once again. As you can imagine, it has made the task significantly more difficult as we have had to adhere to multiple regulations. For example, we have been restricted to only four students, compared to our previous number of 12, coming into school to help with packaging the food parcels and we have also had to abide by social distancing measures. However, subsequent to our relentless efforts we have sustained in providing supplies to the majority of families that we distributed to previously across Birmingham. All of them have been thrilled with our help.

We are incredibly grateful to everyone who has already donated or helped deliver food parcels. Nevertheless, as times get tougher, it is paramount that the food bank initiative remains up and running. It is of utmost importance that we continue to receive these donations and volunteers to help with transporting the food. So far, this has been the case and we have not only proven how adaptable we are as a group, but also as a school.

To donate to the food bank during lockdown, visit the JustGiving Page.

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