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Service in the household

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Students at KES have been engaging in numerous activities as part of the ‘Creativity, Action, Service’ periods in our distance learning timetables. However, this article emphasises that often the most beneficial piece of service that a student could offer requires neither an extravagant nor elaborate façade! 

Several boys have offered to share how lockdown has encouraged them to make an effort in their households. Bobby Brunning has been helping his sister with various activities, since he’s found that he has had a lot more time on his hands since lockdown began. He has also fulfilled the creative side of ‘CAS’, enjoying cooking and baking, including the bread he made.

Likewise, Harman Ahluwalia has embraced the creative element of ‘CAS’ by painting a bench in his garden. Harman decided to spend some time outdoors, and what better way to do it than to brighten up some bland furniture!

In addition, Farooq Abdullah has taken on the unenviable task of vacuuming around his house. Though it may not be the most attractive chore at first glance, he has admirably chosen to clean up around his house and give his parents a well-deserved break!

Ms D’Arcy, who raised the idea of the initiative in Student Council, explained her reasoning and the significance of service in the household:

“The essence of service is selflessness. Completing mammoth challenges and raising huge sums of money are impressive and laudable endeavours, and they attract well-earned publicity and praise, but I also want to recognise the quieter forms of service which, virtually overnight, introduced a substantial workload to many students. KES boys of all ages have taken on serious domestic responsibilities which are typically performed by adults. They are caring for relatives, home-schooling younger siblings, preparing meals, washing and folding clothes, hoovering, dusting, exercising pets, shopping for food and supporting their families in a myriad of other ways. The work is neither glamorous nor flashy, and I think this makes it particularly worthy of recognising and celebrating. Not all superheroes wear Lycra and quietly giving help where it is needed might be the most valuable action you can take to support the fight against Covid-19.”

I sincerely hope that students now take the time to reflect upon the importance of household responsibilities, and acknowledge that the most worthwhile pieces of service are frequently ‘right at their doorsteps’!

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