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Teachers talk lockdown

During the lockdown, teachers, as well as pupils, have been encouraged to try and fulfil the CAS ideals (Creativity, Activity and Service).

Mr Orchard, Design and Technology

Are you finding any creative ways to adapt to day to day life during this period of isolation?

I think that creating a routine has been the most important adaptation. Although it is difficult to stick to at times and you have to be willing to adapt, it is one of the best ways to stay sharp. I have also been doing lots of little projects with my four-year-old son. Mainly things in the garden such as making veggie planters and repurposing items to make flower pot stands. For myself, I have stepped up my coffee-making ability by perfecting my Aeropress skills. I now know exactly how to make a perfect brew!

Are you managing to stay active? If so, how?

Not as much as I would like. My initial idea was to do a daily walk/jog for an hour and I did keep it up for the first week or so but since then I haven’t been doing it every day. I use an Apple Watch and it’s clear from the daily active calorie information that I am completing about 60% of the activity that I would usually do in a day. It has made me realise that general activity through walking around school can contribute a lot to your level of daily activity.

The ongoing pandemic is proving challenging for many, are you finding ways to help your community?

I have been food shopping for my wife’s parents and occasionally helping their elderly neighbours with getting essentials. It has been quite amusing at times, as you get to see what treats people secretly have, such as chocolate biscuits and cakes. I have also been involved in a neighbourhood WhatsApp group that has been very helpful in supporting each other and keeping a sense of community spirit going. 

Mr Petrie, History

Are you finding any creative ways to adapt to day to day life during this period of isolation?

Most of my creativity has been targeted towards occupying my one-year-old daughter. As a result of the closure of her nursery during lockdown, my wife and I have had to try and balance work with childcare, which has been challenging. I was very conscious of my daughter missing out on all of the stimulation and learning provided at nursery and have tried to compensate for that with lots of new activities. For example, I have cut out large cardboard letters and hidden them around the house and garden for her to find. She has had a wonderful time finding them and I am proud to say that she can now recite her ‘A for Apple to Z for Zebra’! I like to think she has received some ‘Edutainment’! 

Are you managing to stay active? If so, how?

I have been able to devote a bit more time to staying active during the lockdown than I would when working at school. My time is a little more flexible, meaning I have been able to pop out for runs and I have made use of a rowing machine too. The wonderful fundraising efforts such as the run 5k donate £5 and the 2.6 challenge have also inspired me to run further. As a Housemaster, I also thought it important to lead by example and I contributed to the Race Across Europe effort. 

The ongoing pandemic is proving challenging for many, are you finding ways to help your community?

I have played a role in sharing all of the wonderful contributions our students have made in this newsletter, and as a result I have been inspired to contribute myself. I have set up a foodbank collection point over the summer holidays, which has been really well received by my neighbourhood. At the start of the lockdown I was shopping for people deemed ‘at risk’ on my street, though most of them have set up some means of online shopping by now. I’ve also been sending out some presents each week, like jigsaws, to occupy my Grandmother. 

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