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A group of our Divisions are using their CAS Projects to encourage fellow students to stay fit using what they have available at home. 

A few weeks ago, normality ended. Alongside having to say goodbye to real classrooms and Big School, most of us had to say goodbye to the Fitness Suite, too. Thankfully, the PE department has produced extraordinary content. Even outside of the scheduled lessons: alongside Theo and Eashan’s Sport Challenge club, Mr Pavey’s workouts and Mr Fair’s hockey skills came alongside contributions from even keener students! Inspired by these efforts and knowing how tough it can be to stay active when you’re locked up at home we, a trio of Divisions, have decided to produce some light videos showcasing how to do exercises with only your bodyweight so you can still build strength at home – ‘whether you’re in LA or Stockholm’.

Watch one of Litness Fitness’ new workouts

Do not fear, though. The videos are NOT your typical YouTube ones where someone tells you how to do some useless exercise in a monotonous voice. Our content includes the catchy raps and teaches you how to do party tricks like one legged squats or handstands. Whether you’re brand new to exercise or looking to add plates to your deadlift when you go back to school – this was made for you!

We encourage you to give some of our videos a try over the summer, when the scheduled PE lessons come to an end for most of the lower school and when the Divisions need to relieve some stress after a gruelling term – we’ll be working hard on even more content. Feel free to comment suggestions so we can help tailor our content to your goals! 

So, to those who are currently skipping leg day or not getting out of bed even for an occasional stretch – fear not, you can still come out of quarantine stronger and fitter than the time that the pandemic tried to kill our gains. Join the classroom to see our content!

Find the Google Classroom details on Firefly.

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