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The PIPA Trial

the PIPA Trial design

The University of Warwick is looking for volunteers to participate in an online, parent-focused programme called PIPA (Parenting Intervention to Prevent affective disorders in high-risk Adolescents), to support mental wellbeing in young people.

We are collaborating with the research team on the trial which is exploring the effectiveness of an online resource for parents/carers to help reduce depression and anxiety in young people.  

As you might have seen in Miss McMillan’s email sent before half term, families of young people aged 11-15 years from Birmingham, Coventry and surrounding areas are being invited to take part.

Further information about the trial, and the registration details to take part, can be found in the following documents:

PIPA Information Leaflet Parents/Carers

PIPA Information Leaflet Young People

PIPA Trial Letter

If you have any questions about the trial, contact Miss McMillan, Deputy Head Pastoral, by email at:

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