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The view from the (Remote) Classroom

The first boys have returned to the fold; it’s a blessing that we’re able to see them and the chatter of the first few days reflects the varying emotions that we all feel. Relief, delight, and taking pleasure in one another’s socially distant company underscores that it’s the small things that matter.

Even so, these tentative steps towards normality remain just that. Remarkably, three months ago, we left school on a Friday – locked down – and it’s only now, 12 weeks later that we’re returning. Indeed, the current headline on “The Week Junior” reads “Living Through History”, which it is.

If I reflect on my lifetime, I suspect that the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the subsequent collapse of Communism, and 9/11 are the only other events that are comparable in effect to Covid-19, but even at those times life went on. However, now we’re faced with having to re-imagine and re-shape the environments we live in. I sincerely hope that we’ve the sense to adapt wisely, retaining the very best of the old and leavening it with the very best of what we’ve learnt; I think we’re well on the way.

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